You wake up in the morning without a headache; you spend your day at work and don’t notice pain in your neck; your evening walk is uneventful since you have a full range of motion — that must mean you’re in good shape, right? Not necessarily, because while many believe health means the absence of pain or sickness, the reality can be quite different.

A comprehensive approach to health and wellness means that you adopt a number of habits — physical, mental, social, and spiritual — that provide optimum functionality. Your nervous system has an effect on virtually every part of your body. Since chiropractic care is intensely focused on the nervous system, its integrated use is important to overall health and mobility.

At Whole Health Chiropractic, the first phase of care begins with relief care, in which we focus on reducing or eliminating the majority of pain as quickly as possible. Repeated visits are required to handle symptoms. From there, you have the option to undergo rehabilitative care. Here, any underlying spinal issues will be handled, by working to strengthen muscles, improve spinal function, and enhance the healing of organs and tissue. Lastly, long-term wellness is approached. This phase is designed to maintain good health and spinal function, along with preventing the return of your original condition.

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